Stockbridge Village high rise properties – fire safety update


Following the terrible tragedy which occurred at Grenfell Tower in London on 14th June, we have contacted customers to reassure them about our high rise fire safety arrangements.

As part of investment works undertaken in recent years, Stockbridge Village high rises have been thermally insulated by an external wall system for which we have all necessary installation and material certifications in place. Please note that the Department for Communities and Local Government has requested that some landlords provide them with information relating to cladding and provide samples for testing. This has not been requested for any of the Villages blocks in Knowsley. The external wall insulation system that has been fitted to your block is a different composition to the one fitted in Grenfell Tower and no concerns have been raised by Government about this type of cladding system

If customers would like any more information then please contact our Service Centre at or call 0300 123 55 22. We will be happy to assist with your enquiry or to give advice regarding the part you can play in reducing fire risks in your home.