Plans to simplify our structure progress following consultation


Thank you to everyone who shared their views on proposals to bring City West Housing Trust (CWHT), Villages Housing Association (VHA) and Villages Community Housing Association (VCHA) under a single landlord called ForHousing.

Between 16 July and 7 September, we asked for feedback using our websites and Facebook pages as well as through posters and electronic boards in offices. Service Centre staff spoke to over 200 tenants and we discussed the plans with local authorities, estate management committees, local MPs and union representatives.

Matt Jones, Managing Director of City West Housing Trust and Villages Housing Association, said: “We welcomed the feedback and it was good to hear that generally speaking, tenants, staff and stakeholders think it makes sense to simplify our structure.

“People were especially pleased to hear that tenants will not be affected and staff will remain working in the same locations doing the same work they do now. Only the name will change to ForHousing – so things might look a little different in the future.”

We are now finalising the plans to move Villages Housing Association and Villages Community Housing Association tenants to the new landlord and anticipate that these will be approved by 2 October.

Matt added: “Our commitment to improving lives, positively impacting communities and reinvesting profits to build vibrant and safe neighbourhoods remains unchanged.”

See the questions and answers section for more information. Although the eight week consultation period ended on 7 September you can still email if you have any more questions that you’d like answering.