Living in an apartment

We provide additional services to customers living in our multi-storey blocks to make sure they have a friendly, clean and safe environment to live in.

Our Caretaking and Cleaning teams maintain the blocks and communal areas, making sure that the communal spaces are functional and well presented.

All Villages Housing blocks have effective fire protection measures in place. If you would like to discuss fire safety in your block, please contact your Neighbourhood Services Officer, who will be happy to help.

You can help us continue to provide a clean and safe environment by:

  • Only letting people you know into the block
  • Keeping shared areas clear to prevent fire hazards
  • Recycling and using rubbish chutes for domestic waste (if you have them)
  • Making sure unwanted bulky items like fridges and sofas are safely removed. You can call the Council to remove these items to a local recycling centre, or talk to a member of our team
  • Reporting repairs, vandalism or graffiti
  • Cooperating with Villages staff to complete Risk Assessments where relevant (CRFA’s and PEEP’s)