Energy efficiency

We are working hard to ensure our homes are as energy efficient as possible, but there are lots of great ways you can help make your home more energy efficient and be more environmentally friendly.

Energy efficiency of your home

There are many ways you can save energy just by making simple changes. For tips and advice on saving energy, you can either get in touch with us - our Energy Champion will be happy to help - or take a look at the Energy Saving Trust's website, which has lots of helpful information.

United Utilities are also offering a FREE shower saver pack which can save you up to £43 a year on your water bills. The pack includes a shower water regulator that only takes a couple of minutes to fit for a lifetime of savings, tips to save energy, water and money, plus a water-audit checklist to help you identify other areas where you can save water. Apply for your free pack by visiting the website.

Waste and recycling

Every year in the UK, we send around 23 million tones of household waste to landfill. At Villages Housing, we are trying to do our bit by reducing the amount of waste produced from our operations and our residents' homes. Get in touch for advice on how you can reduce the amount of your rubbish that goes to landfill.