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Welcome to Villages Housing

Villages Housing Association was established in 1983 when Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council transferred 3000 of its properties in Cantril Farm - now known as Stockbridge Village - to the company.

Later in 2004, our property portfolio expanded across the North West when we successfully acquired 1200 properties in Fitton Hill, Oldham, including a mixture of family homes, apartments and sheltered accommodation.

While Oldham and Knowsley are home to the vast majority of Villages Housing properties, we also have two specialist dementia schemes in St Helens, Merseyside.

Villages Housing's mission statement is "To be more than just a landlord by working in partnership to create an environment for communities to flourish". This means that we are involved in issues and projects far wider than just bricks and mortar of our homes, and work with partners to improve our communities across education and training, crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB), health, transport, social activities and shopping provision.

Villages Housing is a not-for-profit organisation, which means we re-invest all income back into further developing our communities. Our ethos is to be locally based, and therefore Villages Housing activities support both community priorities and local authority objectives.

Villages Community Housing Association (VCHA)

Villages Community Housing Association is the charitable subsidiary of Villages Housing Association and has its own independent Board. VCHA is focused on providing quality accommodation and services to its tenants. A proportion of VCHA stock is specialist accommodation for vulnerable people who require additional support, such as our award winning scheme in St Helens for people with dementia.