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Tenants Forum

At Villages we want to work closely with our tenants on all issues affecting the community. The Tenants Forum is one way that you can get involved in reviewing our services, influencing community development activities and helping to organise events for the benefit of all residents.

The Tenants Forum meets regularly and invites as many people as possible to get involved in whichever way they can.

Members of the Tenants Forum are offered training opportunities to take up if they choose to do so.

Eileen Clegg, Fitton Hill forum member, says, "The way forward these days is for tenants to take the lead in developing their communities and we would welcome more people, particularly young people, to join the Tenants Forums (on both estates) and have a say. Although it is not always practical for tenants' ideas to become a reality, our views are always listened to and our ideas discussed - for instance it was tenants who fought for 6' side and rear fencing and we won!"

The Chair of the SV Tenants Forum, Lily Earle, says "Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings to find out what we do for the estate but it isn't just about meetings our main aim is to promote a better quality of life for everyone who lives here. There are many opportunities through the Forum for training and to attend conferences around the country. When we meet up with residents from Fitton Hill we always have a good laugh!"

If you would like further information about the tenants forum:
Stockbridge Village residents can contact Barbara Murray 0151 949 5021,
Fitton Hill residents can contact Lisa Fowles, 0161 622 6894