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Resident Involvement

We're proud of how we involve our tenants, but we also know that there's always room for improvement. There are people who want to contribute but find it hard. Change in Stockbridge Village and Fitton Hill could not have been achieved without the help, support and guidance of tenants and residents.

In Stockbridge Village our Tenants' Forum has taken a lead role in organising a number of community projects, gardening schemes and social events. Forum members have used the experience to develop their skills and knowledge and, as a result, have gone on to get jobs, own their own homes or sit on the Associations' Boards. We've responded to our tenants' willingness to contribute by providing a number of ways they can do this - by holding regular tenant board member elections and by providing facilities free of charge to groups who need spaces for meetings or events.

In Fitton Hill we wanted to involve tenants right from the start. Would-be tenants helped make key decisions as part of the stock transfer Steering Committee. Several went on to join the Estate Management Committee in March 2004. This was important to us, because we didn't just want to win the stock transfer ballot, we wanted to harness the willingness of local people to work with us and shape our vision for the area

We are looking at ways of involving more people, and providing many more options for people to get involved.