Repairs & Maintenance

As a tenant of Villages Housing, you can expect a prompt and efficient service when repairs are needed in your home.

You can expect an emergency job to be completed within 24 hours, an urgent job within 5 working days, and a routine job within 20 working days.

Reporting a Repair

You can report a repair now online by using our report a repair page. Alternatively you can also call your local office or use the Villages Housing App if you have a smartphone or tablet.

Call Us to Report a Repair

Report a Repair in Stockbridge Village: 0151 480 1313

Report a Repair in Fitton Hill: 0161 6334060

When you call us, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Details of the problem
  • How and when we can gain access to your home to carry out the work

Use The Villages Housing App to Report a Repair

If you have a smartphone or tablet you can download the Villages Housing App and report a repair using it.

You can download the Villages App by searching for 'Villageshousing' in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also scan the QR code here which will take you directly to the Villages App to download on your smartphone or tablet.

Repair Priorities

What sort of job would be classed as an emergency, an urgent or a routine job?




Break-in or breach of security to property


Minor plumbing repairs

Tenant locked out of property

No heating/hot water

Joinery works

No electrics - total power failure

Other electrical faults

Rainwater and guttering repairs

Structural damage to property

Plumbing repairs


Burst pipe/flooding

Repairs to fittings

Faulty fire system


Fencing repairs

Minor repairs

Female Operatives

A limited number of female operatives are available upon request for our tenants who are vulnerable (for example: a female living alone, or an elderly person, or someone with special needs).

Our contractors will endeavour to provide a female operative wherever possible. If this is not possible, we can arrange for a female member of Villages' staff to accompany the male operative, when they are carrying out the repair, if you request this service.

As appointments are required for such visits, please give us as much time as possible to make arrangements. We would prefer if you would make the request when reporting your repair.

Rechargeable Repairs

The vast majority of our tenants keep their homes in good condition but there are a few who cause damage deliberately or through neglect. Where works are required to rectify this damage, we call these 'rechargeable repairs'.

We do not want the tenants who look after their homes to pick up the bill for those other tenants have not. You are responsible for repairing damage which has occurred as a result of neglect, carelessness, accidental or wilful damage by you the tenant, other residents, visitors or pets.

Typical tenants' repair responsibilities include:

  • Re-glazing windows and doors
  • Broken or damaged doors
  • Lock changes when keys are lost
  • Replacing lost keys and the cost of re-entry if tenant is locked out
  • Replacing plugs and chains
  • Replacing clothes line or rotary dryers
  • Maintaining the gardens and clearing rubbish
  • Any repair to installations or improvements made by the tenant
  • Internal redecoration
  • Battery operated smoke alarms
  • Any other damage which in the opinion of Village's has been caused deliberately or maliciously.

What if I end my tenancy and leave the property?

When you give us notice to end your tenancy (or you are transferring to another Villages property), we will inspect and assess the condition of your property. If any damage is found a recharge will be raised. We will send you a letter advising you of the costs and give you the opportunity to repair or replace any damage or pay us to do the work. If we are unable to gain access until the property is empty, we will inspect and assess any damage. Costs to repair any damage will be recharged to you. Any items belonging to you will be removed and you will be recharged for the cost. The removal of rubbish from gardens and outbuildings will also be recharged.

Your Tenants Handbook gives full details about our obligations for home repairs.

Alternatively you can download our Right to Repair leaflet.

For more information on our repairs service you can download our Repairs Service Standard.