Local Offers

In our 2011 Calendar we explained to you how our regulator, the Tenant Services Authority (TSA), has set new requirements for us to meet. One of the requirements was to agree, with you, a set of Local Offers that relate to your local neighbourhood, tenant involvement and your home.

We held a series of consultation events and asked Stockbridge and Fitton residents for a 'wish list' of what they would like us to deliver from April 2011 to April 2012.

Some of the items on the wish list we were already doing; some were completely outside our control and others we have put onto a 'consideration list'. The remainder of items have become our local offers to you - "You said… We will do".

These local offers are supported by the Tenants Forums and have been approved by the Stockbridge Village and Fitton Hill Estate Management Committees and the Villages Housing Association Board.

We will keep you updated about our performance against each of these local offers in Our Times and on the Villages website.

Read More About The Local Offers in our 2011 Local Offers Leaflets

2011 Local Offers for Stockbridge Village

2011 Local Offers for Fitton Hill

Suggestions We have Had So Far For 2012 Local Offers

We received over 100 suggestions from residents at the 2011 Tenants Conference and some will become local offers. Some suggestions for improvement to services are outside of Villages control and will be the responsibility of the local council or other agencies. However, where we can work with these agencies to achieve what residents want, we give our full commitment to do so.

Here are some residents' suggestions for the 2012 Local Offers:


• More involvement of younger people in Stockbridge, help them understand why we need community involvement - develop a youth forum

• Give better information to tenants to tell them what funds are available and how they can access them to improve the area

• Clean up grot spots and back paths

Fitton Hill

• Set up a Neighbourhood watch Scheme

• Recruit younger people for involvement in the forum.

• Need more group activities for ages between 25 - 50.

We Would Love To Know Your Suggestions

To make a suggestion for a local offer for your area for 2012 please contact your local Housing Manager (Jackie Bradley in Fitton Hill, or Anne Jackson in Stockbridge Village - contact numbers at the bottom of the page) or you can fill out a quick online form with your suggestion.

We have decided not to arrange specific meetings for residents to attend our offices to discuss local offers. This year, to give more residents more opportunity to talk to us, we have declared December and January as our 'Local Offers Months'.

At any time from now to the end of January 2012 if you would like to view the whole list of suggestions, add to them, or discuss them with staff, please see below for ways you can do it: -

• Phone the office

• Visit the office

• Request a visit from a member of staff

complete an online form