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Energy Surgery

Are your gas and electric bills too high?

Do you want to know how you can

  • save money and
  • use less energy

Then come along to the Villages


The Energy Surgery is held in the Villages Housing main office on Stockbridge Village. Just call the CESP Team on 0151 949 5067 for an appointment.

This is a great opportunity to have a chat with Villages Housing staff about the best ways to save energy in your home and reduce your fuel bills.

Just call for an appointment and if you bring your most recent gas and or electric bill with you, we will try to save you more money by making sure you have the best energy supplier and tariff that meets your energy needs.

If you have difficulty getting to the Villages Office call the CESP Team on 0151 949 5067 and we can visit you at home.

It costs nothing to ask, we are here to help you. If you need further information about the Energy Surgery, please do not hesitate to call the CESP Team on 0151 949 5067.