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Ending Your Tenancy

If you decide that you want to end the tenancy on your current home with Villages, you will need to fill out a "Notice of Termination" form, giving 28 days' notice of your intention to leave the property. You can pick one up from your local Villages office.

If you are giving notice after the death of a tenant, the Association will normally accept less than four weeks' notice. You will need to confirm in writing who the executor or next of kin is and supply a copy of the Death Certificate.

Please remember:

· Make sure your rent account is cleared.
· Advise Villages of your forwarding address.
· Do not leave any rubbish behind.
· Do not leave any furnishings or floor coverings without making prior arrangements with your Estate Management Officer.
· Do not leave any personal possessions behind.
· Fixtures and fittings such as gas fires and kitchen units are normally the Association's property and should not be removed. If in doubt, please check with Villages.
· Do not leave open gas pipes or live wires. Always use qualified or registered tradesmen to remove appliances.
· Do not damage the property or decorations when moving out.
· Tell gas, electricity, water and telephone companies that you are moving.
· Tell the Council for Council Tax and Housing Benefit purposes.
· In cold weather turn off the water stop tap.
· Villages may charge you for repairs which are your responsibility.
· Leave the property empty and in a clean and secure condition.
A pre-termination visit will be arranged to inspect the property before you leave and you will be advised of any repairs or redecorations that you need to do.

Handing In Keys

All keys to the property, including any keys to outbuildings or sheds, must be returned to Villages on or before the date the tenancy is due to end. If you are late handing in the keys, you will be responsible for continuing to make payment for the property. Please note that if you are leaving a flat you must also hand in all keys or fobs to any communal entrance door to the flat block.

If you fail to hand in all keys, the Association may charge you for the cost of replacing keys or changing locks.

Your views are very important to us, please download our Exit Survey and tell us what you think of the services you have received whilst living in your Villages property. Your answers will help us to improve our service in the future.

Inspection Of Property

A full inspection is made after you have moved out to assess what work, if any, needs doing before a new tenant can move in. You will be notified of any repairs which are your responsibility and which you may be charged for.

Please note that Villages accepts no responsibility for any items left in the property after you move out. The Association may remove and dispose of any items left in the property and charge you for the cost of this work.