Stockbridge Village: 0151 480 1313
Fitton Hill: 0161 633 4060

Boards and Estate Management Committees

Villages Housing Group has two Boards, which are responsible for managing the business of each Association. There are also a number of committees that have a specific role, such as the Fitton Hill Estate Management Committee, which oversees the day-to-day activities of the group in Oldham, and the Stockbridge Village Estate Management Committee which oversees activities in Stockbridge.

The members have a range of skills and some members have backgrounds in care, construction, commerce, law, finance, public administration, education and community involvement. The Board assesses this annually in accordance with the HCA.

Members stand for a 3 year period, after which they must then either choose to stand for election again or resign from the board. Vacancies are advertised in the Villages quarterly newsletter, Our Times, and an election ballot of tenants is held.

The Boards meet regularly as individual boards and collectively to discuss strategic group matters. The appropriate activities of each Association are delegated to the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team as determined by the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations of each Association.

If you would like to become a member of Villages' Boards or EMCs please contact Carol May on 0151 480 1313 or email