Village Housing Group Board

The business of Villages Housing Group is overseen two Boards which are made up of a wide range of professionals and local residents. It is their responsibility to oversee the strategic direction of both Villages Housing Association and Villages Community Housing Association.

The members have a range of skills with backgrounds in care, construction, commerce, law, finance, public administration, education and community involvement.

The Boards meet regularly - both as individual Boards and collectively - to discuss strategic group matters. The appropriate activities of each association are delegated to the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team as determined by the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations of each Association.

If you would like to become a member of the Board or Estate Management Committee contact Bernie McConnell on 0161 622 6890 or email

Villages Housing Association Board

Andrew Greenhill - Chair
Andrew is Chief Executive of QHS (Quality Housing Services) Limited. Andrew was appointed Chair of VHA in September 2008 prior to that date he was Chair of VCHA. Andrew also Chairs the Stockbridge Village Estate Management Committee Meetings.

Professor Peter Brown - Member - Chair of FHEMC

Mike Carter - Member
Mike is a former Chief Executive from 1983 - 1986. Mike is Chairman of VHA and also a member of VCHA Board and FHEMC.

Fred Jones* - Co-opted

Steph Tomlinson* - Member

Steve Agger - Member

Jill Albertina- Member
Jill is the headteacher and Stockbridge Village Primary School and joined the board in 2013.

Mike Sale - Member

Julie Hallows - Member

Judith Neilson - Member

Villages Community Housing Association

David Shortall* - Chair
Professor Peter Brown - Member
Mike Carter - Member
Andrew Greenhill - Member
Lorna Lyons - Member

*Tenant/Resident Members